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Thursday, April 5, 2012

ERSP Travels to Utah to Meet with Coaching and Mentoring Companies and the Local Better Business Bureau

As part of ERSP’s new Coaching and Mentoring Pilot Program, Peter and Leanne traveled out to Utah to meet with two participating coaching and mentoring companies, Professional Marketing International (“PMI”) and Prosper, Inc. On Thursday, 3/29, they were given a tour of each company’s respective headquarters, which include their telemarketing sales floors. The purpose of the tours was to gain a better understanding of the telesales process and to learn more about the coaching and mentoring industry. In addition, the visits gave Peter and Leanne an opportunity to meet with individuals in the respective companies who are responsible for the sales and advertising departments.

Prosper, Inc (Provo, UT)

Professional Marketing International (Lehi, UT)

In addition to the company tours, on Friday, 3/30, Peter and Leanne attended an open house event where Peter gave a presentation to other coaching and mentoring companies who are potential Pilot Program participants. The presentation highlighted the advertising self-regulatory process, including the history of advertising self-regulation. It featured a detailed explanation of ERSP procedures, typical claims reviewed by ERSP, and the effect ERSP has had on the direct response advertising industry. In addition, the presentation explained the Coaching and Mentoring Pilot Program. In addition to ERSP, the Utah Deputy District Attorney, John Swallow, presented, along with representatives from the ERA.


Finally, after the open house event on Friday, Peter and Leanne visited Jane Driggs and her team at the Better Business Bureau of Utah. They participated in an informal round-table discussion with the BBB of Utah team about the self-regulatory forum, including background information on NARC, ERSP, and the new Coaching and Mentoring Pilot Program. 

Better Business Bureau of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT)

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